Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Garmin xImage utility

While surfing the 'net the other night I came across a couple of articles describing utilities that work in conjunction with several models of Garmin GPS units. One is a utility called 'xImage' that allows you to send/receive screenshots and waypoint images(?) to/from your Garmin GPS. xImage is a free download from the Garmin site. To use it, you
  • install it on a computer that already has the Garmin GPS USB drivers
  • connect your Garmin GPS to the computer
  • turn on the GPS and wait for your computer to recognize the device
  • run the xImage utility
By default, xImage will capture a screenshot of whatever is currently on the Garmin GPS display. You can then save the image as a bit-mapped (BMP) file. The image above is a test that I just downloaded.

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